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Get everything you want in a home, the way you want it.

  • Build Your Dream Home
  • Make it Your Own
  • Love Coming Home

Is it really possible to find the perfect home?

  • Have you searched for your “perfect” home with no success?
  • Did you find a house you really liked but missed out on it?
  • Have you outgrown your current home...in more ways than one?
  • Do you think you can’t afford your dream home?
  • Are you worried you can’t find a builder you can trust?
  • Has your search left you feeling frustrated and emotionally defeated?

Let us take the stress out of getting your dream home...and show you what’s possible.

Imagine your dream home becoming reality.

With Unlimited Modular Homes you get:

  • A Truly Custom Home. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter options. Get a home that is one-of-a-kind, custom-built to match your lifestyle. 
  • Everything You Want. Choose your favorite style, the layout you love most, and all the features you want. All within your budget.
  • The Way You Want. it's the details that make a house a home. Get specific with features that make your home stand out.

Your home doesn’t just say a lot about you. It’s an extension of who you are.
Something magical happens when a house becomes a home.

Sure, with enough time, any house can grow on you and become something meaningful, even if it’s not the perfect house you always wanted. Sadly, you could be like most people, settling for something good, instead of something perfect - the house you’ve always wanted.

Picture that: what if your vision of the perfect home actually became a reality?

Imagine getting to choose every space, every detail, every nuance along the way.
Long after the foundation, wood, and glass are in place, you’ll make your new house a home. It’s where priceless memories will be made, love and laughter will fill the air, and a special richness will settle into every room.
Knowing it’s all built around your vision - well, that’s the best part of all.

Building a modular home - your dream home - is one of life’s most rewarding adventures. It’s not just another investment. It may be the most important investment you make in your lifetime. 

That’s why choosing the right builder matters. At Unlimited Modular Homes, we take pride in walking with you every step of the way, covering every detail, and giving you the home you’ve always wanted. 

From planning to the selections, to construction - until you’re handed the keys - our second-to-none service will give you confidence, take away the stress, and most importantly, let you enjoy the process of building your home.
Let’s get started bringing your dream home to life.

A Simple Path to Your Dream Home

  1. 1
    Make an introduction.
    Fill out our simple form and start a conversation with us. Clear communication and trust make it possible for us to build your version of the perfect home.
  2. 2
    Get a custom design and plan.
    See your modular home come to life as you meet with our home designers and builders. Then watch your new home go from dream to reality.
  3. 3
    Love coming home.
    Something beautiful happens when a modular house becomes a home. Walk into your new custom home and start creating lifelong memories.

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After 90 years over three generations of building homes, Unlimited has helped make hundreds of dreams come true.

Level Of Services

Our sleek new designs offer families the chance to build long-lasting happiness. Unlimited Modular Homes is a full-service, customer-oriented builder that provides a step-by-step process to home ownership.

Call (248) 763-9056 to Begin Your Dreams!

Speak with a home planner to experience the many possibilities we offer. From home planning and design to turn-key services, foundation and set, along with offering just the installed home. Unlimited Modular Homes works with the highest quality sub-contractors in the state, bringing you the home of your dreams.

We offer a range of services for homeowners of all skill levels. We concentrate on three main areas:

  • Turn-key is for homeowners who want to make the entire process as easy as possible. Design your home, and we deliver the keys to your hands when the home and site are complete.
  • Our Foundation and Set service is for the most intricate part of the home building process. We build the foundation and install your home on your site with the correct orientation.
  • Home only entails our contractors delivering a completed home to your site and connecting the essential services such as electricity and sewage.

Each of these service levels is customized to your needs; call a home planner at (248) 763-9056 and let us know exactly what your family needs. Unlimited Modular Home contractors will do as much or as little as you wish for each stage in the building process.

Unlimited Modular Homes has decades of service to our community and Michigan. We are incredibly proud of the countless number of families who have used our services to build a better life.

Call (248) 763-9056

Turn Key

Unlimited Modular Homes does it all with our “Turn Key” service, from clearing the lot to handing over the keys to your new home.

Turn Key packages includes everything a family needs to enjoy the benefits of a move-in-ready home.

  1. No unexpected building costs. Professional’s handle everything from obtaining building permits, site preparation, and a home “Delivered.” Turn key pricing consists of all earthwork services like power, water, and sewage connections. Essential development decisions are set early in the process, such as landscaping and floor coverings.
  2. Dedicated building consultants simplify the process, making it an exciting adventure for the family. Dealing with a single builder avoids miscommunication and disastrous setbacks.
  3. Stress and uncertainty are eliminated when you use Unlimited Modular Home’s “Turn Key” building services. Skilled professionals handle all construction hassles, so your family can focus on one thing: Moving into their New Home!
  4. A considerable benefit to Our “Turn Key” service; you have a solid understanding of when construction will finish, and when your family can move in. Proudly show off your new home because everything has been done for you. There is no need for additional work except planning your housewarming party!

Turn Key construction services by Unlimited Modular Homes, is an ideal opportunity for households who do not have the time, patience, or experience. Our project supervisors work closely with homeowners to ensure everything from the foundation to landscaping is done precisely as they envision.

Unlimited Modular Homes is passionate about our satisfied homeowners. 

Call (248) 763-9056 to learn more about our “Turn Key” process.


Unlimited Modular Homes is with you every step of the way, with our home only “Delivered” service. Construction experience is a valuable asset with this type of build. Our home planners can help with building permits, sub-contractors, and small details needed to develop a vision for your entire project.

(248) 763-9056

Choosing your off-the-plan or custom design home; early as feasible is essential.

Tips on planning and choosing your home design:

  • Always consider your budget and be reasonable; keep an eye out for unexpected outlays. Make sure everything is in writing.
  • Your home layout is where our planners can be invaluable. Consider the number of bedrooms, kitchen design, and so on.
  • Consider block orientation. Ensure the main living areas and kitchen enjoy as much natural lighting as possible.

Unlimited Modular Homes “Delivered service brings your design to a site. From there, you go on with the finishing work; HVAC, septic system, plumbing hook-ups, and any exterior or interior work.

Unlimited Modular Homes can produce quotes on “must haves” that make your home extraordinary. Whether it is an ultimate man-cave, pool, or that enormous walk-in closet, decide on these must-haves at the outset of your project. Keep each item in line with your budget.

Our Home-Only “Delivered” service is an outstanding opportunity for the family. We remain flexible throughout the project.

Call (248) 763-9056, Our objective is your complete satisfaction.

Set and Delivered

Unlimited Modular Homes “Set and Delivered give homeowners peace of mind while saving money with one of the most challenging parts of building their new home.

Homeowners may be intimidated when laying out the foundation, then anchoring their new home. Our “Set and Delivered” service is the perfect solution.

Delivering and setting is a one-day process that will provide you with peace of mind.  Your home will be off the transport trailer, secured to the foundation, and completely weatherproof before your installers leave.

Nothing is more important for your home than having the proper foundation, leveled, and anchored correctly. Our home planners will answer any of your questions.

A home’s location goes a long way in influencing the type of foundation and anchoring. There are two foundation categories to consider.

  1. A crawlspace serves as a support for the living spaces above, as well as a barrier to ground contact. A crawlspace is usually ventilated to the outside or to an adjacent basement.
  2. Basement foundations are self-explanatory; they can be full or half and built to your specifications.

Unlimited Modular Homes professional contractors and architects ensure the appropriate pier and footings are used correctly. Our professional anchoring strategies help your home withstand powerful winds up to 110 MPH.

Our “Set and Delivered” service gives your family peace of mind, knowing you never have to worry about your home and its foundation.

Browse Floor Plans

Browse our Floor Plans, to find the home of your dreams. Unlimited Modular Homes designs and builds custom homes on your lot, offering a wide range of plans for every size family.

With our modern and unique modular floorplans, you have the luxury of designing a home that fits exactly the wants and needs of your family.

Call (248) 763-9056 to get started

Search floorplans such as the Acadia, a unique 2 bedroom-1 bath design with plenty of space for a growing family. The Acadia offers an integrated family area, kitchen, and dining space with a bay window letting in the morning light. A unique loft area above the first floor master bedroom sets the home apart.

Designs come from years of satisfied customers and decades of construction experience.  Spacious homes from 550 sq. ft.  to over 3000 sq. ft. Our homes offer families value  and privacy with central living areas. Master bedrooms and full walk-in bathrooms with spacious kitchens, islands, and centrally located living areas.

Call (248) 763-9056

Our Service Area

Our Happy Clients

"Tony was extremely helpful and professional. Very responsive to any messages and on top of everything. I would recommend for your building project!"

- Aidan G

"I really appreciated that Tony took the time to talk with me about my options. I really much appreciated your honesty and follow-up.. When my plans are in motion; Tony's truthful & straightforward approach will be valued and needed.. Thank you.."

- Aj H

"Tony was extremely responsive and transparent which was refreshing and appreciated. He provided me with a buffet of options and was patient and generous with time spent guiding me. I would absolutely recommend him to others and would work with him again."

- Elizabeth J


Find the perfect design element that complements your family’s dreams. Browse the Photos of Homes we have designed on our Gallery Page. Unique looks such as the modern kitchen and a checkered backsplash or the living area with a built-in fireplace surrounded by shelving and rock.

(248) 763-9056

Exteriors from Unlimited Modular Homes offers stunning bay windows and two-story designs with windows to match. Each photo represents homes we have built with our Set and Delivered, Turn Key, and Delivered services.

Call (248) 763-9056 to speak with a trained home planner

Enjoy first-floor master bedrooms with spacious walk-in closets. Relax in a free-standing bathtub after a hard day at the office. Our custom design services are for every room in your home. Change the look of flooring, kitchen appliances, or maybe add a garage.

We offer the best home design and installation services in the state; call (248) 763-9056.

Unlimited Modular Homes Questions & Answers

How do I choose the best Unlimited Modular Home for My Family?

The first thing to do is contact one of our home planners at (248) 763-9056. From there, we help you decide on the basics of your home selection, such as the amount of space and number of bedrooms your family needs. We help you define your budget; then, our planners guide you through the many models we have available that are the perfect fit. It is now time to talk with a mortgage broker.

If I want UMH to build a custom home for my family, how do I go about that?

Call Tony at (248) 941-5178

What is Your Construction Loan Process?

Unlimited Modular Homes uses a standard “Draw From a Line Of Credit” process. Once you have been approved for your mortgage, we work with the lender who provides a line of credit for the building process. We draw on that credit line and start the next step with each step completed. Once your new home is finished, Your lender converts the line of credit into a long-term mortgage package based on the original agreement.

How do I avoid paying PMI with my mortgage?

Private Mortgage Insurance protects the lender if you default on the loan. To avoid PMI, most mortgage lenders require at least a 20% down payment and, in some instances, even more.

After deciding on our new home, what is the next step?

Fun decisions keep coming; depending on the foundation plan you have chosen, we go ahead with all the needed permits and site planning, such as installing plumbing, sewer, and electrical. At this stage, we also need to finalize your interior preferences, like flooring and wall coloring.

How much construction is involved in our modular home?

Our modular homes are fabricated at a state-of-the-art facility by the best sub-contractors in the industry. Once your family has decided on the home you want, we go to work. This part of the process will be the easiest on your family and is a great time to start boxing up valuable family treasures.

When can we see our new home on its foundation?

After construction at our facilities, your new home is transported to your site for installation. Our contractors set the home on its foundation and immediately begin connecting wiring, plumbing, and water to begin the next stage.

When can we start decorating our new home?

After your home is firmly set on its foundation, the fun begins. At this stage of the process, we finish any exterior work that needs to be done, such as gutters, sidewalks, and driveways. This phase is when your house starts to look like a home. While the exterior is being finished up, interior spaces need your full attention. It is often difficult to imagine a wall color without the rest of the space in focus. Our home planners and architects work closely with your family to bring the home of your dreams to reality.

When will contractors start installing our new garage?

When the interior and exterior of your new home are nearing its completion, the next phase of the project begins. Add-ons such as a garage, porch, patios, and decks are installed once the majority of your home is finished, with driveways and sidewalks roughed in as soon as possible. Garages and decks are brought in from the factory, along with your new home, and are staged on-site. If there is anything extra our contractors can install or help with, now is the time.

We are ready to move in; when can we get our keys?

At this point, each family is anxious to move into their new home. When your new home is near completion, it is time for any final inspections imposed by local governments. This process is for everyone’s benefit. Once your new home has passed OUR final inspection, it is time for the final walk-through.

What is a Final Walk-Through?

Once your home is complete with all UMH and local government inspections completed, it is time for our Home Planner and Your Family to walk through the home and make sure it is up to Your standards. We will give you a walk-through sheet to complete, which will help point out any issues or concerns you may have with your new home, such as interior or exterior issues.

After the final walk-through, Your family is handed the keys!!!


Loan calculator

Use our Home Loan Calculator to get a good idea of how much your family can afford. Contact an Unlimited Modular Homes representative to ask ANY questions; let us refer you to one of our Mortgage Partners. It is wise not to let several Mortgage Brokers pull your credit.

Input your basic numbers in our loan calculator below; the shorter the term, the better off for your family in the long run. Use the calculator to find different scenarios that work in your favor. Shorter terms, say 180 months, will save your family an enormous sum of money in interest.

Use different figures to find a suitable payment—input different “Annual Percentage Rates” based on your credit score and see how the payment changes. Scan the “Charts” to get a visual interpretation of how much principal and interest changes over time. Pay close attention to shorter time frames and the amount of money your family will save.

Contact one of our agents once you have reached an affordable payment and home amount with our home calculator.

They will give you the next exciting steps in the process of owning your home.

Unlimited Modular Homes is unequaled in quality and customer satisfaction

Please call us at (248) 763-9056

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Unlimited Modular Homes has been in the construction industry for decades, and we offer our clients the very best in design, building, and financial services.

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Homeowners are sometimes overwhelmed with the complexity of building their homes, we do our best to make the whole process easy as possible. Let us help you with a big piece of the puzzle in finding a mortgage lender. We have worked with these lenders for years and know their qualification requirements.

Call (248) 763-9056 to speak with one of our mortgage professionals; Let us help you find the perfect lender for your needs.

Once your mortgage is in place, the fun of building your home begins. Unlimited Modular Homes is with you for every step, from finding the perfect lender to buying a lot, choosing your home design, and getting ready to move in.

Call (248) 763-9056 or fill out our contact form and begin a fascinating journey.