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At Unlimited Modular Homes we believe that every family deserves to be able to create their dream home. We understand that this is not something that everyone can afford at a given time, so as a result we now offer financing options.

The path of lease resistance and risk to custom home begins with meeting with the right banker. After you meet with a bank or credit union that specializes in construction loans and construction lines of credit we will know your budget. After that if you do not already have land we will help you find land. After the land is under contract with 60-90 days to close we select the home you want to put on it. After you make all your initial selections we give you your final price and create a full proposal for you to approve. After the proposal is approved the bank gives it to an appraiser who will assign a final value to your project . Once the appraiser is done we close. As the buyer you will need 5% to 20% down or equity in land to cover your down payment. All money given to the builder for design development and planning is part of your deposit. After the loan is closed the builder pulls from the line of credit. After all the inspections are done you move into the home and then you start paying your 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

Our financing allows our clients to save 6% by working directly with the builder, eliminating additional costs to cover 3% of the commission earned by each a selling and listing agent on a traditional property. You save money and have more of an input on your new build, it's a win-win scenario! Take a look at our financing offers and give us a call today to begin the journey to owning the home you've always wanted.

If you are looking for a construction loan in Michigan these people can help!

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"Tony was extremely helpful and professional. Very responsive to any messages and on top of everything. I would recommend for your building project!"

- Aidan G

"I really appreciated that Tony took the time to talk with me about my options. I really much appreciated your honesty and follow-up.. When my plans are in motion; Tony's truthful & straightforward approach will be valued and needed.. Thank you.."

- Aj H

"Tony was extremely responsive and transparent which was refreshing and appreciated. He provided me with a buffet of options and was patient and generous with time spent guiding me. I would absolutely recommend him to others and would work with him again."

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